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Our Story


Jo-Da Bonsai was established in 1998, importing tools and accessories from Japan and China.  What was a hobby in the mid 80's, soon became a thriving wholesale and retail business.  By 2000, a full nursery was established offering clients access to a range of "pre-bonsai" nursery plants and trees.

Over the years, the founders, John and Freda, have exhibited and hosted workshops , as well as done demonstrations through out South Africa.  The highlight for them was participating in the 1st and 2nd African International Bonsai Conventions held in Pretoria and Cape Town respectively.

Over 20 years later, Jo-Da Bonsai is an established "all things bonsai" retailer and wholesaler.  Careful consideration is taken to ensure that we offer our clients not only fine tree specimens, but a wide variety to suit all palates and interests.

Coupled with this, we curate the correct tools and accessories for that ultimate gift, novices, hobbyist, die hard enthusiasts and professionals.

2020 brought a lot of change for Jo-Da Bonsai, actually for everyone around the world.   Jo-Da Bonsai moved into a new premises in Pomona, with a new focus to bring the "Nature and Art of Bonsai" to more people.   We believe that Bonsai is not just horticulture, but art, a masterful art, that must be nurtured, shared and continued for generations to come.  Today, we recognize bonsai as artworks, and even masterworks!  More than that, we believe bonsai gives to people, so much more through careful thought, creation, pursuit and reward.

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