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Our Nursery

in 2020, we took the initiative to start our own Greenhouse, and moved our existing stock to Pomona.  We now offer a wider range of pre-bonsai stock both indigenous and exotic.  All our trees are handpicked by us, ensuring that we offer the best trees, from starter Bonsai, to the more advanced trees. 

We decided, that it is important to offer our customers the opportunity to not only choose their bonsai, but the pot.  Therefore all our trees are in nursery bags, and offered separately to our bonsai pots, for each customer to personalize their bonsai.

We constantly are adding to our range, to enable us to offer more variety and appeal to a broader bonsai community. 

Our Nursery Hours are Friday 13h00 to 16h00, Saturday and Sunday 10h00 to 16h00.  We are closed Monday, and all other days by appointment.


One of our main goals is to introduce the Art of Bonsai to a broader generation, bridging horticulture and art, and ensuring the continued craftmanship of bonsai.



For over 20 years, John, has collected and bought a magnificent range of trees, some of vey mature age..  He is very proud of his collection and enthusiastic to share their history and development with Visitors.

Do not hesitate to ask about our Private Collection when visiting.

Included in the collection is:

1962 Schotia Brachypetala, Weeping Boerbean, 

1984 Yamadori Gardenia Jasminois Clump, 

1995 Adasonia Digitata, African Baobab,

1998 Informal Upright, Ulmus Yatsubusa Japanese Elm

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