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Kaneshin Crean Mate - rust eraser and tool cleaner

Rust Medium rust remover, to remove spots from tool blades or other tools. It is a very useful tool for keeping any steel surface in good condition. It can also remove rust from damaged blades.


  • Soak the rust eraser in water for up to 10 minutes.
  • Rub gently on the steel surface area (like you would use a pencil eraser), along with the blade length.
  • If many spots are targeted, consider gently wiping down the whole blade to create a uniform look.

The crean mate can be used as a first step before sharpening your blade.

Use a small amount of water on stainless steel tools to remove most of the dirt then use the other dry side of the block to buff to a shine. On carbon steel use a small amount of oil instead of water.

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