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Agri Boost Organic Liquid Fertiliser  250ml

Agri Boost Organic Liquid Fertiliser 250ml


Agri-Boost is an organic liquid fertilizer fortified with kelp, organic acids, micro elements and soil microorganisms.  There is currently no other organic product in the protein sector of nitrogen and carbon.  Agri-boost's formula offers a  high protein source (94 % protein in dry mass) and most importantly stock carbon and nitrogen in the form of peptides and L-amino acids. The proteins and amino acids are available directly via the roots and leaves. Amino acids are the building stones of chlorophyll. High chlorophyll leads to high photosynthesis - leading to green plants with a high production of carbohydrates and sugar.  Bone is the main source of phosphorus and calcium. This combination ensures a well-balanced organic source of NPK with high carbon content.Amino acids also cheleer all micro elements making them more available for plants.Agriboost is also filled with vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, which has been proven to have a great positive effect on plants, especially to increase the resistance to tension.

Harmless to birds, and pets. 

Dilution ratio  1:200.  Mix 10ml (2 X Teaspoons) of Agri-Boost with 2Lt of water

N-P-K: N-82g / Kg; P-20g / Kg / K-62g/kg

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