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BonsaiBoost Sachets (12g/sachet) 2 sachets per pack
  • BonsaiBoost Sachets (12g/sachet) 2 sachets per pack

    SKU: JDBBB001

    For centuries,  bonsai artists, all over the globe have used organic formulated fertilizer to provide the nutrients needed to keep their trees in perfect health year round. BonsaiBoost is produced locally, in South Africa, from high quality, pure canola meal.  BonsaiBoost should be used on all bonsai from collected stock, bonsai in training, through to exhibition trees.  BonsaiBoost is formulated for flowering, fruiting and evergreen trees and is easy to use with no mixing required.  The easy to use sachets are laid on the surface around the bonsai and watered as normal. At each watering, a little of the nutrients in the sachet is carried to the roots. 

    • Time saver - every time you water you are fertilizing at the same time.
    • Organic fertilizer which cannot burn your trees.
    • Sustained, slow release of nutrients to your trees.
    • Promotes healthy, strong growth.
    • Easy to use and will not harm pets if accidentally ingested.

    • After using the bag for your preferred length of time don't simply throw it away. You can do the following:

      • Make a small hole in your garden soil and bury the bag, it will completely degrade and add to the nutrients there too.
      • Use it around your overpotted trees which are still undergoing development.
      • Fertilize your field growing trees.
      • Place into pot plant container
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