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Japanese Hyuga Pumice,  3-6mm  18l bag

Japanese Hyuga Pumice, 3-6mm 18l bag

  • Pumice is borne out of the superheated earth.  It is basically whipped volcanic glass that is made up of tiny air bubbles.  This means that pumice is a lightweight volcanic rock that makes it perfect for use as a soil amendment.  The airy rock is ideal for use for bonsai as well as other plants that require excellent drainage and air circulation.  Plus, the porosity of pumice allows microbial life to thrive while maintaining soil structure better than perlite.  Planting with pumice also has the advantage of a neutral pH along with a variety of trace materials.
  • It reduces water runoff and fertilization by increasing soil absorption in sandy soils.
  • It absorbs excess moisture so roots don’t rot.
  • It improves aeration and stimulates the growth of mycorrhizae.
  • It doesn’t decompose or compact over time like other soil amendments, which means it helps to maintain soil structure.
  • It keeps clay soils loose over time for continued soil health.
  • It is a natural, unprocessed organic product that doesn’t decompose or blow away.
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