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Trelmix - Trace Elements 100ml

Trelmix - Trace Elements 100ml


Trelmix is not a fertilizer and should be part of a balanced fertilizer regime.


TRELMIX is a trace element solution which promotes growth and corrects chlorosis (yellowing), blotching and stunting where these are due to trace element deficiencies.


Trelmix contains all 6 micro-elements, including magnesium, which is required for the growth trees, shrubs, potplants, lawns, vegetables and seedlings.


Although only required in small amounts, trace elements are essential to plants in order for them to growth healthily. Very often these elements are leached from the soil or depleted after years of fertilizer use. Trelmix application can dramatically increase growth and health of plants in such instances.

Modern growing media is often lacking in many of the trace elements. If there were quantities of trace elements they are quickly leached through frequent watering. In this example frequent applications of Trelmix becomes essential.

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